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As Bill Cosby liked to say, "I started out as a child".  17 years later, after graduating from Brandywine I headed south to North Carolina and spent two years with the good Benedictine (teaching order) brothers at Belmont Abbey College near Charlotte.  Around 1970 my family moved to Daytona Beach, Florida and I spent my last two college years in much warmer climes matriculating at Stetson University in Deland, where I earned a degree in Economics and met my future wife Denise, another Econ major.  We were married in 1973 in Jacksonville and raised three bright and entertaining children.  We just celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary December 29th. Ryan, our oldest, works for Transportation Security Agency in Boston.  Caitlin lives & works in NYC. We have lived in Columbia for the last 34 years. Our youngest, Peter is 25 and graduated from Wilde Late High School and manages Azul 17, an upscale Tequila bar/restaurant in Columbia.  I  coached Pete's basketball team for three years when he was 13 and we won two Howard County Youth League divisional championships.  Believe me, coaching these kids was much, MUCH more exciting than college or the pros!    

I started out my professional career working in television at WTTG, Channel 5 (Now Fox 5) in Washington, DC.  After working 6 years in various capacities in production, programming and sales, I left TV in 1979 and have worked in commercial and public radio in marketing and sales ever since.  In '04 I started my own public radio friendly ad agency; KFD Media that brings corporate support (underwriting), sales management expertise & marketing to the broader public radio community.  In my spare time, I can usually be found puttering around in my yard in Ellicott City, grounds keeping and maintaining a fleet of 2 aging vehicles (incl. 2 classic Saabs, my favorite, an '88 Saab 900 SPG turbo with 204,000 miles & a restored '86 900 Turbo-recently sold) (Pictured is a 1961 Austin Healey 3000 I owned '69-'72)  all this while growing (IMHO) the best tomatoes in Maryland.

The idea for starting a Brandywine Class of 1967 website started when my IT-pro wife gave me an internet domain for my 50th birthday which I titled "".  Not knowing quite what to do with it, I started with a list of all 547 Class of '67 members and things just grew into the Class of '67 website from there.  With my youngest son, Pete's help and expertise and content from other BHS Class of '67 classmates, I have been able to design, build and maintain this enjoyable experiment. It has been fun.  Sometimes frustrating but always rewarding especially when everything works.  I hope you enjoy the Class of 1967 website site as much as I have creating it.  As Thomas Wolfe said you can never go home, but hopefully, with this little bit of technological marvel, you can journey "home" again to Brandywine High, even if only for a brief visit.   Kevin Donohue

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