From:  Jim & Noreen Lucas

Sent:            Monday, January 17, 2000 6:07 PM


Subject:            Re: BHS Class of '67



It's a great website that you and your son have made.  I tried to send in my

bio on it, but it errored out.  So, I'll send it to you here:


It's been almost 33 years since we graduated from BHS.  It's hard to believe

it's been that long.  Just the other day I was looking at the news about the

stabbing of George Harrison.  How come he looks so old and I don't?


Jim Lucas, from upstate New York and a former blind date set up by my

brother, Thom, and I have been married for almost 20 years.  We've lived and

worked in the great Southeastern part of the country, where it's hot and

muggy and the people are warm and friendly.  We lived in Ponte Vedra Beach

(Jacksonville), Savannah and now near Tampa.    Jim adopted my son, Dwayne,

from a previous marriage when Dwayne was 6 years old.  Now, he's almost 24

and is on is own in retail management and lives with Lindsay, a psychology

student at Armstrong Atlantic Univ. in Savannah.  It looks like someday

we'll have a shrink in the family.


I have been fortunate to work for a number of fine companies as I moved

around the South and have a background in chemicals, insurance, real estate,

medical administration and now in telecommunications.  I strongly believe

Brandywine prepared me for college and for the "real world", and the U of D

gave many of us an excellent education at a very affordable tuition.


I have stayed best friends with Candy Winn Christy all these years.  We've

known each other since her first day as a transfer student at Forwood Jr.

High in 1963.  We'll shortly be living within 2-1/2 hours of each other when

she and her husband, Pete, move to Sanibel Island where they plan to retire.


We spend much of our free weekend time on our Harleys.  I ride solo on a H-D

Sportster 1200 Custom, and Jim has a Springer Softail Custom.  There are

plenty of back roads and open countryside in western central Florida.  We

are planning to ride to Sanibel to visit Candy and Pete and then hop on a

new hovercraft ferry from Ft. Myers to Key West, a 2-hr. trip that makes the

long trip to Miami and down through all the Keys a thing of the past,

although it's still a great ride the long way.  I would like to go out to

the rally in Sturgis, SD some day - before I get too old to enjoy it.  I've

not been to that part of the country, and to see it from sitting on top of

my motorcycle would be exciting.


I've already been in touch with a few BHS classmates from Kevin's website

and from   Many of us have great memories of growing up

in Brandywine Hundred and attending one of the best schools in the country

at that time.  I count myself fortunate to have gone to such a great school

and for knowing many of you.


Noreen Magargal Lucas