Hi Kevin!

Wow, this is great, I had logged on to the site classmates.com from

AOL, and today had gotten a letter from a girl that was also on there telling

me about this website. First off, let me introduce myself, Sally Clark Walbert,

living on the eastern shore of Maryland, a little town, Betterton,

located right on the Chesapeake Bay. Only about an hour from Wilmington, and

have lived here now for 30 years, phew, where have the years gone!! Have 4

children, only one is married, with 3 children, so I'm a grandmother, 

and loving it! Single again, and loving life, have been very healthy,

thank goodness. I don't know if you post addresses, or just e-mail

addresses, but will give you both, P.O. Box 154, 108 Ericsson Ave., Betterton, Md.

21610  or sally10987@aol.com  Can't wait to go ahead and read the rest of the

history of our class. Thanks for taking the time and effort involved in

putting this all together.

Thanks Again!